Pius Zgraggen
Founding Partner, Member of the Board, Member of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer

Pius Zgraggen has been a Founding Partner of OLZ and Chief Executive Officer since 2001. He is Chairman of the Board of the subsidiaries OLZ Wealth Management AG in Schaan and OLZ Wealth Management PTE LTD in Singapore.

Pius studied at the Universities of Bern (Switzerland) and Rochester, New York (USA). He has been a lecturer at the AZEK (Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals) in Zürich in Equity Analysis and Valuation since 1998, as well as at the PHW (Private Economics University) in Bern in Value Management since 2007 and Firm Valuation at the University of Liechtenstein since 2011.

Pius began working in the Swiss Banking Sector in 1989 and gained many years of experience in a host of banking areas including Global Derivatives Risk Measurement and Risk Management Consulting. Between 1995 and 2000 he worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Institute for Financial Management at the University of Bern. Pius has published various articles and is a co-author of the standard reference work "Handbuch der Bewertung" (A Handbook of Valuation).

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