Kripa Sethuraman

Kripa Sethuraman has been working in family office operations and consulting across the UK, Europe and Asia for the past decade, and has been most recently working in a private family office based in Zurich with a heritage from South America. Using her experience in banking, research, and client service over the years, Kripa specializes in working with business owners and single family offices on complex questions that can arise from managing succession, family governance agreements, asset allocation decisions, and wealth structuring issues.

In early 2012, Kripa moved from London to Zurich to work for the family office of Quilvest and continues to be based in Zurich. Prior to that. Kripa worked with Northern Trust in London where she was Senior Vice President and Wealth Strategist. Kripa’s interest, and focus, on the issues at are most important to families, evolved during her time as Managing Partner of the Family Office Exchange international strategy and insight. During this time she also had several occasions to visit and work with families in Australia and New Zealand, including the Myer Family Office and Mutual Trust.

In the past decade, Kripa has worked with wealth owners and family offices on issues ranging from family office detailed operations, investment strategies, and governance, on a one-on-one basis, as well as presenting on topics relevant to wealth owners at family office meetings and conferences in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Prior to joining Family Office Exchange, Kripa was Senior Director for the Corporate Executive Board, Europe Financial Services practice based in London, overseeing the four core programs in private banking, commercial banking, retail, and banking operations and managed the Financial Services Practice team in Europe. She specialized in presenting strategy and best practices in the wealth management and commercial banking areas, and conducting board-level presentations and workshops for decision-makers.

Kripa holds a Masters in Economics degree from the London School of Economics and a B.Sc. from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

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