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Patrick Donaldson
Head of Wealth Management Solutions, ASEAN
Thomson Reuters


Panel discussion
Stuck between a rock and a hard place


•    What are the opportunities and challenges you face today? 
•    How will the Asian wealth management industry adapt and evolve to deal with the challenges that exist?
•    How would you describe the opportunity that the growth in wealth represents to you?
•    Who is likely to build a profitable and sustainable platform and proposition in the years to come?
•    How do we navigate the regulatory challenges – but not kill the industry?
•    Given the changing framework around suitability – is it still possible to add value to clients?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Bassam Salem
Region Head, Asia Pacific
Citi Private Bank


Tan Su Shan
Group Head, Consumer Banking and Wealth Management 
DBS Bank


Mark Smallwood 
Managing Director, North Asia Coverage Team Head - Singapore
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management


Urs Brutsch
Managing Partner & Founder
HP Wealth Management


Julian Kwan
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Michael Benz
Former Group Head of Private Banking, Standard Chartered Bank


Wealth TALK

Risk & compliance – an inconvenient truth


Julia Walker
Head of Market Development for Risk, Asia
Thomson Reuters


•    Like it or not, wealth managers have to deal with rules & regulations
•    Using the right vendors, can they turn risk & compliance into a competitive advantage?



Wealth TALK
Can I cut compliance in half and still keep my license?


Stefan Kuhn
Head of Compliance, Private Banking, South-east Asia
Credit Suisse


•    Do I need a compliance department at all?
•    Cut in half: people or cost?
•    What’s the right number of people in compliance?
•    Onshore vs offshore – what drives cost efficiency?
•    Peel off the compliance label to reduce cost


Refreshments & networking


Panel discussion
Onshore versus offshoring – that is the question?


•    Is the big opportunity now onshore?
•    How is the wealth management proposition improving in local markets?
•    How quickly will the product and service offering develop?
•    What does Indonesian tax amnesty mean for Singapore - and you?
•    Can you engage the onshore wealth management opportunity? 
•    Should foreign players compete or collaborate with onshore institutions?
•    How do you decide who to partner with?
•    What’s the role that wealth hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong will play in the future?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Vincent Magnenat
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore and Head of Private Banking, Asia Pacific
Lombard Odier


Marie Ramlie
Head of Retail Products
TMB Bank


Amit Shah
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Member of the Board
IIFL Asset Management


Rolf Haudenschild
Country Head, Singapore


Wealth TALK

How to make your value proposition unique


Nick Pollard
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
CFA Institute


•    Professionalism, standards, diversity and more



Wealth TALK

Retail investor dynamics in Singapore’s asset management market


Thusitha de Silva
Cerulli Associates


•    Are asset managers are responding to private banks’ outlook on investment products? How convinced are retail investors about investing in such products?
•    Are private banks’ attempts to shift into fee-for-advice models hitting the spot with retail investors?
•    An increase in digital engagement in wealth management is the only area where providers and customers agree on. But what are retail investors’ main concerns about digital advice, ie. robo-advisers?


Panel discussion 

What does it take to succeed in a new world of wealth management?


•    What do clients look for from anyone who services them in wealth management today?
•    Who are the real competitors of tomorrow?
•    What’s the role for the many different market players – international and regional banks, insurance companies, IFAs, independent wealth managers and others?
•    Do we really understand the needs of our clients?
•    Are we in a position to service those needs?
•    What’s our unique proposition? What are we really good at?
•    What does a client want from a private bank – and their banker today?
•    Do we need to re-think how we communicate with and educate clients? 




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Vineet K Vohra
Director & Practice Leader - Wealth Management
Arete Financial Partners


Lee Kai Yang
Chief Investment Officer
RHB OSK Asset Management


Martin Frick
Regional Director, Asia Pacific


Aki Ranin
Head of South-east Asia


Tanmai Sharma 
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Philipp Piaz




Panel discussion
Can we fix the talent problem?


•    With the number of private bankers in Singapore and Hong Kong falling – who will replace them? 
•    What are the consequences of the unprecedented number of expats leaving?
•    How as an industry can we attract young, engaging and competent individuals?
•    What do we have to do as an industry to make sure we remain relevant?
•    Do we need to re-think the role we play as bankers?
•    Given that private bankers today make less money and face a greater administrative burden, why does anyone want to be a private banker today?

•    Can we bring back the fun to private banking?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


David Koay
Managing Director, Head of Relationship Management, ASEAN, Private Bank
Standard Chartered Bank


Murli Adury
Head Citigold Private Client, APAC & EMEA
Citi Singapore


Vikram Nimkar
Head of Premium & Private Wealth, International 


Herwig Van Hove
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Urs Palmieri
Director, Financial Services Advisory, Performance Improvement Strategy


Wealth TALK

Open platform technology – leverage & connect your systems


Matthew Blume
Director of Client Technology, ASEAN
Thomson Reuters


•    Building your own applications within an open platform can connect multiple data sources
•    This allows users to leverage big data and analytics to brings actionable insights across a number of different use cases


Wealth TALK
Removing the funds penetration blockage


Andrew Hendry
Managing Director, Asia
Westoun Advisors


•    What are the challenges to greater funds penetration in Asia?
•    What are the best practices among fund gatekeepers?
•    How to open the funds funnel a bit wider


Refreshments & networking


Wealth TALK

Common Reporting Standard amendments in 2017


Mark Morris
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Morris Consulting


•    Assumed non-reporting strategies which won’t work despite legal opinion to the contrary
•    Is there any structure which cannot be affected by CRS / FATCA amendments?


Panel discussion
How can you deliver investment performance for your clients today‚Äč?


•    Do we really have needs-based conversations with our clients and offer them solutions? 
•    How do you make any money today for yourself and your clients, especially given the interest rate environment?
•    How do you generate income for your clients today?
•    What do you need to re-structure your product platform to make it profitable?
•    Do we have any interesting products for our clients? Or will they look elsewhere? 
•    How do you navigate the regulatory environment around investment suitability?
•    What the role for digital as a disruptive force in the product pipeline?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Adam Cowperthwaite
Head of Equities - Asia Pacific
Citi Private Bank


John Cappetta
Executive Director, Head, Managed Solutions Advisory for Singapore 
Bank Julius Baer


Gebhard Giselbrecht
Head of Asset Management, Singapore, and Chief Operating Officer, Asset Management, APAC
Credit Suisse


Michael Thompson 
Executive Vice President, Head of Singapore office and Head of Wealth Management Group Asia (ex-Japan) 


Andrew Hendry
Managing Director, Asia
Westoun Advisors


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