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Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel discussion
Is wealth management in Malaysia progressing too slowly? Will the opportunity pass us by?


•    Where are we at in the development of wealth management in Malaysia?
•    In a tough year like 2016 - what can we do to kick-start the revenue engine and turn more of the savings into investments?
•    How can local banks increase their penetration of wealth products? What can they learn from foreign banks?
•    Is there real competition yet from IFAs, insurance companies and other wealth management providers?
•    A lot of assets still flow to Singapore - why has private banking not developed quicker in Malaysia? What’s lacking?
•    Does anyone have a clear digital strategy? Does digital represent a real opportunity within Malaysian wealth management?
•    What measures would help the development of the market?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Carolyn Leng
Head of Private Banking
CIMB Private Banking


Alvin Lee
Group Head of Private Wealth


Danny Chang
Head of Managed Investments & Product Management
Standard Chartered Bank 


Robert Foo
Managing Director
MyFP Services


Ng Chze How
General Manager
AIA Pension & Asset Management




Residence and citizenship planning for Asian families - an overview 


Dominic Volek
Head South East Asia
Henley & Partners


•    Why do families relocate?
•    What should HNW families consider when carrying out residence and citizenship planning?
•    Current developments in residence and citizenship programmes



Asian business families: how to prevent falling prey to common succession planning problems?


Hans Diederen
Head - Family Office Services
Heritage Trust Group


•    The family business as a system
•    Why family businesses fail to do succession planning?
•    Values, vision and shared purpose
•    The importance of both family and business governance
•    The benefits of timely preparation


Panel discussion
When will we stop being obsessed with short-term revenue - and start focusing on generating long-term value?


•    How can we become providers of solutions not products?
•    What can we do to drive proper needs-based conversations with customers?
•    Whose responsibility is it to do client education?
•    Isn’t it time to promote and enforce higher competency standards in Malaysia?
•    Will the second generation of advisers be better qualified and approach the business differently?
•    What are the needs and objectives of your clients? How do you evaluate these, put together a proper plan and promote a portfolio approach?
•    What fee model works best - and is realistic?
•    Do we need to improve the ethics, experience, education and examination requirements for people to sell unit trusts in Malaysia? Do we need to reduce this number of people?
•    If people can’t make decent money out of this business - why would anybody want to join it?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Nazaruddin Othman
Chief Executive Officer
Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia 


Alvin Tan
Executive Director & Acting Chief Executive Officer
Standard Financial Adviser


Yap Ming Hui
Founder & Managing Director
Whitman Independent Advisors 


Kin Onn Kee
WIN Group


Refreshments & networking



What IF an Uber Wealth was born?


Raj Ganesarajah 
Country Head, Senior Vice President, Malaysia
Intellect Design Arena 


•    The promise of digital in context of wealth management
•    Digital wealth – elements for innovation and transformation
•    From wealth management to returns management
•    From relationship management to assisted advisory
•    The ultimate digital took-kit




Today’s small-caps are tomorrow’s blue chips


Alistair J. Macdonald, CFA
Vice President & Institutional Portfolio Manager for the Templeton Emerging Markets Group
Franklin Templeton Investments


•    Isn’t EM small cap a niche, illiquid asset class? No, but it is an under-researched and under-owned asset class.
•    Small caps offer growth in a low growth world.
•    Isn’t investing in EM small caps too risky?
•    If not, what is the key to success?


Challenges in advising business families


Shanker Iyer
Founder & Chairman
Iyer Practice Advisers


•    Common challenges faced by business families
•    The demands placed on advisers to meet these


Panel discussion
Driving Malaysia’s Islamic wealth management industry forward


•    What is the role of Malaysia today as Islamic wealth management gains more traction?
•    How do you activate Islamic banks in selling more wealth management products?
•    To what extent are Islamic products an important part of client portfolios? Why?
•    Where can innovation come from to drive further growth?
•    What is the role of Takaful / Trusts in Islamic wealth management?
•    How should Islamic products best be marketed and distributed within a wealth management platform?
•    Are any changes needed to move Malaysia to the forefront in attracting Islamic clients from around the world?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Puan Sharizad Binti Juma’at
Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director
RHB Islamic International Asset Management


Datin Maznah Mahbob
Chief Executive Officer


Mahdzir Othman
Chief Executive Officer
i-VCAP Management


Dr Mohar Yusof
Head of Family Office and Islamic Financial Planning
Blueprint Planning


Raj Ganesarajah 
Country Head, Senior Vice President, Malaysia
Intellect Design Arena




Panel discussion
What’s the role for insurance companies in Malaysian wealth management?


•    Where are the biggest opportunities and challenges for insurance companies in the Malaysian wealth management space?
•    Who are the players and what’s the value they bring?
•    What are the options for clients in different segments? 
•    What’s the role of the regulator?
•    What’s the opportunity for the further development in Takaful insurance?
•    Balanced scorecards and deferred commission - what else is happening?
•    What role will bancassurance play going forward?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Philip Smith
Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia
Zurich Insurance


Raymond Lew
Chief Distribution & Marketing Officer
Sun Life Malaysia


K R Raju
Founder & Adviser
Blueprint Group of Companies



Physical gold: are you ready?


Seamus Donoghue
Chief Executive Officer
Allocated Bullion Solutions


•    Are you providing clients the right product?
•    Why physical gold?
•    Key drivers of gold demand
•    Outlook for gold prices



SMAs: can HNW investors find them in Asia today?


Anthony J. Harper
Head of Business Development
Managed Accounts Partners


•    What is an SMA and how are they used in Australia, the US and Japan?
•    How does an SMA fit into discretionary services?
•    Who is offering SMAs in Asia and why?
•    Fully disclosed versus pooled – key differences
•    Rebalancing and automation – fintech requirements
•    Where do SMAs using third party models fit on the wealth management shelf? Will they be disrupted by robo-advisers?



Revolution or evolution?


David MacDonald
Head of Learning Solutions


•    The trouble with compliance…
•    From low tech, to fintech
•    Survival of the fittest


Refreshments & networking


Panel discussion
Product manufacturers and fund gatekeepers - a slow, slow dance, and a small shuffle towards advice


•    How can asset management firms move the business forward - and make the most of the opportunity in Malaysia and across ASEAN? 
•    What can firms do to restart bank volumes for funds sales? Along with other products
•    Where are the alternative investment options?
•    Is there a growing interest in ETFs? 
•    How can we make the end-customer engagement with investment solutions more ‘sticky’ and focused on meeting their retirement needs?
•    Do incentive structures need to change? How?
•    Do fund managers need to change the way they engage, support and communicate with fund gatekeepers in Malaysia?
•    Passporting - what would make it more effective? And does anybody care?
•    Is there any role for digital platforms? Can these impact which products are offered and how they get sold?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Alex Tan
Head, Retail & Retirement Funds


Ai Mei Chan
Chief Marketing Officer
Affin Hwang Asset Management


Gerald Ambrose
Chief Executive Officer
Aberdeen Islamic Asset Management


Anthony J. Harper
Head of Business Development
Managed Accounts Partners


Steven Seow
Head of Wealth Management, Asia



Panel discussion
Everyone is worried - what should I do with my money?


•    How can you make money in these turbulent times? And with negative interest rates? 
•    What’s the impact of monetary and fiscal policy on global financial markets today? 
•    The terms ‘confidence’ and ‘fear’ are so important. What should be the new benchmarks for investing?
•    How can clients really build a high-quality, diversified portfolio?
•    What are the biggest risks for 2H 2016?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Munirah Khairuddin
Chief Executive Officer 
CIMB-Principal Asset Management


Shan Saeed
Chief Economist
IQI Holdings


Seamus Donoghue
Chief Executive Officer
Allocated Bullion Solutions


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