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Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder



Digital enablement - redefining the client experience


Mark Nelligan
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Pershing Securities


•    Mark will share insights on how digital enablement is reshaping the adviser and client experience, and deepening engagement


Panel discussion
Technology - its role in the future of wealth management


• What should CEOs be thinking about today?
• What is your digital strategy?
• How will you change the client experience?
• Does anyone have a clear and differentiated digital strategy?
• How can we ‘walk the talk’?
• What’s the real priority when investing in technology?
• How do we measure the success of our digital wealth initiatives?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Stefan Arn
Chief Information Officer, UBS Wealth Management and UBS Switzerland & Group IT Head for Strategic Regulatory Initiatives


Sanjoy Sen
Managing Director, Retail Banking, Asia Pacific


Sandipan Ray

Head of Technology, APAC & Head of Global Core Banking Platform Transformation
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management


Eddy Tai
Global Head of Operations and Technology
Bank of Singapore


Luke Janssen
Founder and Executive Chairman


R.N. Nagaraj Prasadh
Country Head - Thailand Business Head - Intellect Wealth 
Intellect Design Arena 



The core building blocks of the wealth management model of the future


Alessandro Tortelli
Global Presales - Lead Solution Consultant


•    A strategy executive of a global bank said in a recent study: “Relationship managers fear digital. We must educate, educate, educate, and show them the benefits.”
•    We will show you how Digital Banking empowers advisors and customers to collaborate remotely, in-person, or in a digital-physical moment, facilitating advisory across all touchpoints for intuitive full-, self-, or joint servicing.



EY’s Global Wealth Management Survey 2016‚Äč


Jeroen Buwalda
Partner, APAC Wealth and Asset Management Advisory Lead


•    EY’s wealth management practice surveyed more than 2,000 individual clients and 60 wealth management senior executives globally to demystify client experience and uncover potential revenue opportunities for wealth managers
•    There is approximately USD120 trillion of client assets managed by global wealth managers, and 4 out of 10 clients are open to switching wealth managers under the right circumstances
•    This represents a USD175 billion to USD200 billion global revenue opportunity for those firms willing to make strategic investments to deliver a superior client experience, while others may find themselves at risk of losing a substantial portion of their current business


Refreshments & networking


Panel discussion

Change management or change the management?


• Do we have the right mind-set to foster and drive change?
• Who’s got it right so far? And who hasn’t?
• What do you need to do to motivate and infect large numbers of people in your organisation with the digital ‘bug’?
• How do we go from planning to innovation to transformation?
• Do it yourself, or get help from outside?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Pranav Seth
Head, E-Business & Business Transformation, Global Consumer Financial Services


Evy Theunis
Senior Vice President, Head of Wealth, Regional eBusiness Department, Consumer Banking Group


Dirk P Sibiet
Country Technology Officer, Singapore & UAE


Valerie Bruce
E-Business Specialist
Old Mutual International


Urs Lichtenberger
Director, Program Head Digital Private Banking, Asia Pacific
Credit Suisse 

Case Study
One year into the digital private banking journey at Credit Suisse


Urs Lichtenberger
Director, Program Head Digital Private Banking, Asia Pacific
Credit Suisse


• What new functionalities and benefits have been rolled out to clients since the launch of our award-winning digital private banking platform one year ago?
• What is the latest on user experience?
• How are clients using the Credit Suisse Digital Private Banking platform, and how has this changed the way we interacted with them?
• What’s next for the platform?



What IF an Uber Wealth was born? 


Jaideep Billa
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Digital Officer
Intellect Global Consumer Banking


•    The promise of digital in context of wealth management
•    Digital wealth – elements for innovation and transformation
•    From wealth management to returns management
•    From relationship management to assisted advisory
•    The ultimate digital took-kit



Getting your digital bank ready


Mark Buesser
Chief Executive Officer


•    Insights and trends of Swiss & Central European banks’ digital journey
•    Focusing on achieving client centricity and efficiency
•    Low hanging fruits of technology: ICOS/2 
•    Aligning your strategy to succeed in the digital space 


Panel discussion
Fintech: fantasy or reality? 


• Everyone who writes a line of code calls themselves a ‘fintech’. What’s the real definition of a ‘fintech’?
• Will fintechs rule the world, or implode?
• Is there any genuine disruption? And are there any new fintechs now, or just bad copies?
• Collaborate or die. But who do you partner with?
• Human advisory versus robos. How can they co-exist?
• How can it be used in the bank today?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Dr Lee Ng
Vice President, MetLife Innovation Asia, and Chief Operating Officer of Lumenlab


Ned Phillips
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Peter McMillan
Head of Wealth Management, Asia
Thomson Reuters


Mark Wightman
Partner, Wealth & Asset Management Advisory


Mark Nelligan
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
Pershing Securities


Frank Henze  

Independent Consultant in Wealth & Asset Management, Asia Pacific




Panel discussion
Regulation and compliance - what can technology really do to help?


• What are the regulatory and compliance challenges you face today?
• What can technology do to help?
• Is more coordinated risk management and compliance a priority?
• How can we design and define a flexible approach?
• How do we prepare for the regulatory challenges of tomorrow?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Mark Buesser
Chief Executive Officer


Gary Mellody
Partner, Financial Services, Advisory-Risk


Joyce Tan
Joyce A. Tan & Partners


Julia Walker
Head of Market Development for Risk, Asia
Thomson Reuters



Empowering relationship managers, compliance and management: the key to success in the digital age


Alessandro Tortelli
Global Presales - Lead Solution Consultant


Zoe Niu
Senior Solution Consultant


•    In the digital age, how can wealth managers and financial services providers adopt flexible, customer-centric business models which serve clients via multiple intuitive interaction modes – digitally, physically, or a combination of the two?
•    How can technology be harnessed to simultaneously automate work, cater to client needs and wants, and allow employees to effortlessly collaborate with one another, while ensuring compliance to current and future regulations?
•    In this interview, Appway shares insights, visions and latest experiences for this digital journey




Anatomy of a HACK


Jason Hoang
Managing Director, Asia


•    Cyber attacks are getting greater organisational attention
•    Cyber traffic Vs cyber crime
•    Top cyber security and crisis management learnings
•    Real life case study that was so devastating that the company could no longer operate



The evolving PFM & robo-advisory landscape in Asia


Bhaskar Prabhakara


•    PFM & robo-advisory fintech landscape in the US and evolution
•    Asian fintech landscape in the wealth space
•    Early reaction from banks and other institutions
•    Implications and potential models for the existing wealth industry


Refreshments & networking


Panel discussion
What will you be in the future: a platform? A product manufacturer? Or a distributor?


• Can we be all-things-to-all-people?
• What is ‘blockchain’? Will it have any impact on banking?
• What does this mean for private banks, retail banks and asset management companies?
• How will this either improve revenues or cut costs?
• Will tech giants rule banking?
• What does the bank ecosystem look like in the future? How open and connected do you become?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Frank Troise
Managing Director, Head of Digital Distribution (Asia)
Leonteq Securities


Adrian Gostick
Managing Director, Asia
BondIT Asia


Andrew Koh
Deputy Chief Manager, Risk Management Department, Singapore Branch
China Construction Bank


Panel discussion
Innovation - enhancing the client experience with an eye on the wealth transition across generations


• How do you need to change the client experience?
• What are the needs of our customers?
• How are client expectations changing the dynamics of their relationships with their wealth managers?
• What are the emerging technologies that will shape our world?

• What’s the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the future?
• Millennials create a unique conundrum for big banks - how should they position themselves for the biggest wealth transfer in history?




Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Panel members


Ketan Samani
Managing Director, Chief Digital Officer, APAC
UBS Wealth Management


Neal Cross
Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer
DBS Bank


Steve Monaghan
Regional Director - Head of Edge (Group Innovation)


Andy Feitknecht
Vice President, Professional Services
Assentis Technologies


Charles Wong
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Privé Holdings


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